Cash App is the most popular in the United States that is used to transfer and receive money online. It is considered as the most secure medium for making transactions and Cash App monitors payments to prohibit any fraudulent activity. It also deactivates the user’s account to prevent users’ data and money from getting hacked. Sometimes a cash app account closed is also possible if you violate terms and policies of the Cash App and transfer money to an unknown user using a Cash tag.

If you enter the incorrect password multiple times for Cash App login your account may be closed, as the cash app disables such accounts. And whenever you try to log into a new device using your email or phone number sometimes you may face some problems. 

The Cash App account closed and blocked is a very common issue that is often encountered by users. So there are so many users who face the cash app account closed and want to know how to unlock the cash app account. 

In this blog, we will give you a step by step guide on unlocking a cash app account but before this let’s know some of the common problems with cash app accounts locked.

Most Common Queries on Cash App account locked

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  • Why is my Cash App account locked?
  • Can I reopen an old Cash App account?
  • How to unlink Cash App Account?
  • How to sign in to a Cash App account?

How to unlock a Cash App Account? 

Step by Step process to unlock a Cash App account: 

Step 1.  Install the Cash App and log into your account

Step 2.  Now click on the profile icon, 

Step 3.  At the bottom of the Cash App home Click “Support”.

Step 4.  The “Support Team” will help you to unlock a Cash App account

Step 5.  You need to wait for an email from the Support with an estimated time it will take to reopen your account.

Step 6.  It is possible that you get a response for Cash App Support within 24 or 48 hours for the account verification process 

Step 7.  And once you complete the account verification process you will able to access your cash app account.

Contact Cash App Customer Service 

After following the above-mentioned steps you do not get any response and unable to unlock the cash app account you must directly contact Cash App Customer service. Apart from this, you can try to reset the password if the registered number is available with you. If you don’t have the number or email, then you can go for creating a new account and merge it with the older account by following some steps.

So you should not worry about your cash app account closed as you can easily unlock a cash app account. Well, the best way for you to unlock a Cash App closed account is that you must call the Cash App customer service team via a toll-free number.


Q. Why did the Cash App lock my account?

A. Cash app monitors user’s activities to prevent fraudulent activities and for the protection of users account. If you send a payment to an unknown user or any fraudulent activity occurs on your account, then Cash App may lock your account.

Q. Can you reopen a closed Cash App account?

A. It is possible to reopen a closed Cash Account that’s closed at any moment and draw the lender card.

Q. What happens when a Cash app closes your account?

A. When the Cash App closes your account, you won’t transfer or receive money from your account. Essentially you will be prohibited from all the actions on your Cash App account unless you reopen it.

Q. How do I unfreeze my Cash App account?

A. You can unfreeze your Cash App account for this; there are few required steps that you need to take. You need to contact the Cash App customer support for this click on the profile icon and select the “support” option. Here you will get a choice to contact the Cash App customer service. You can ask them to unblock your account so you can make a payment for your friend.

Q. How to unlock my Cash App Account?

A. To unlock the Cash App account, you have to select the option “Support” at the base of the profile page. Reach out to the aid concerning the locked Cash App account. You will also get the confirmation email from Cash App support together with the time to unlock that account. Once the verification part is successful, your accounts will be activated.

Q. Why does my Cash app temporarily lock my account?

A. Cash app monitors actions created by the Cash app users; when they detect any unusual activity on a Cash app account, it gets locked to prevent fraud. If you are attempting to log in to your Cash app account on a brand new device using your email or phone number occasionally, you may face some problem.

How to Unlock Cash App Account

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